Broadcast quality 360° live stream software platform


Ubiety is a highly optimised, broadcast quality VR video software platform which enables live streaming of 360° VR video from anywhere with broadband,  4G & 5G mobile over the internet to all major VR platforms and headsets.


The Ubiety platform is a configurable camera to headset platform which supports everything from delivering an HD 360° stream to YouTube through to multi viewpoint 360° and stereo VR ultra high resolution (6k and beyond) event coverage delivered to custom VR headsets and html5 players.

The Ubiety Platform is comprised of two main components; the Ubiety Stream Processor, which is connected to the VR cameras, and the Ubiety VR Player which runs on the viewer’s VR device.  Ubiety can be configured to stream over a client CDN, or can be setup with a managed CDN providing a provide a complete turnkey camera to headset solution.



Ubiety Stream Processor

The Ubiety stream processor runs on a standard PC located at the event. It takes input from a VR camera rig and stitches, enhances, optimises and encodes the 360° video in real time, producing an optimised RTMP output stream ready to send to Cloud Storage CDN and broadcast to the world.


Camera Systems

Camera rigs supported (6k / stereo)

Range of capture cards supported

Multi camera support

Live GPU Stitch

Real-time up to 60 fps

Laplacian multi-band stitching

Fully customisable stitch lines

10-bit throughout the pipeline

Live Edit

Full 3D LUT

Colour grade & sharpness


360⁰ Ads & Interstitials

StitchPaint live 360⁰ stitch optimisation tool


Customisable optimisation solution

Region of interest optimisation

Up to 6k Focal Point resolution

3X -> 5X Data reduction



Standard H.264 encoding

AAC audio compression

Hardware accelerated

Range of alternative codecs supported


YouTube, Facebook, Periscope

RTMP / RTSP / HLS Streaming

SDI, NDI and Hardware encoders


Compute Hardware Platform

Standard Windows PC with modern GPU

Ubiety Player

The Ubiety Player runs on the viewer’s VR device and decodes the broadcast 360⁰ video stream, immersing the viewer and giving them live ‘presence’ at the scene.


Full HMD Support

Mobile: Cardboard, Gear VR, Mogo, Daydream

Standalone: Oculus Go

PC: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Vive Pro, Windows Mixed Reality

AR: Microsoft Hololens, Mira AR


HTML5 Player

360 pan/touch/mouse control

VR Headset mode

HTML5 compatible browser

Embedded Hotspots

Player Video Features

4K and beyond resolution

Multi-camera view streams

Full analytics

Player Social Features

4 Viewer mode

Avatar based view direction

Shared audio

Linked Controls

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