Focal Point VR are now selling professional camera rigs and compatible live stream processors as standalone devices:

F3-6K Professional 360 6K Live Streaming Camera System

FP-A6 Live Stitch & Headset Preview Processor

The Focal Point VR range of 360 and VR camera rigs are based on Blackmagic technology delivering an ultra reliable, robust, broadcast quality solution.  The rig range runs from a two camera stereo VR 180 solution up to a full 8K seven camera rig.

Focal Point VR produces a complementary range of live video stream processors. The stream processors live-stitch the input from multi camera rigs (including 3rd party systems), apply video processing, optimisation and encoding.

All our systems are true studio grade tools based on a common philosophy of using standard commercial components in the most effective, high quality combinations.

Broadcast Connections

4K SDI in and out HMD monitoring

Better than Broadcast

Incredible quality broadcast grade Ultra HD sensors

Remote Control

Full camera control, colour grade and stitch refinement

Bulletproof operation

Robust industry leading stability and reliability

Works with your kit

Disk Recorders, Wireless Transmitters, Bi-Directional Optical Fibre, external microphones, batteries and even motorized camera rail systems.