Focal Point VR is Europe’s leading live 360 and stereo 180 production company providing filming services to major clients in the sports, music, live events, conferences and marketing fields.

We are experienced video production experts with our own end-to-end software and hardware solutions for all your live 360 and stereo 180 streaming needs.

We’ve produced live multi-camera 360 streams from numerous events including the Champions Tennis at the Albert Hall and major Samsung UK product launches with streams being broadcast to YouTube, Facebook and Periscope as well as customer configured versions of our own viewing app for iOS and Android. Our biggest project to date saw us stream live in 360 to over 8 million people.

We have a huge depth of technical and production experience from backgrounds in mainstream video production as well as software development expertise from the games industry for any custom application requirements. We can provide the people, cameras, software and local playback solutions as well as broadcast to the wider internet.

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