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The FPVR FP-A6 Stream Processor is a true studio grade VR video acquisition and broadcast system featuring real-time stitch, preview, record and broadcast.

Broadcast Connections

4K SDI in and out HMD monitoring

Better than Broadcast

Incredible quality broadcast grade Ultra HD sensors

Remote Control

Full camera control, colour grade and stitch refinement

Bulletproof operation

Robust industry leading stability and reliability

Works with your kit

Disk Recorders, Wireless Transmitters, Bi-Directional Optical Fibre, external microphones, batteries and even motorized camera rail systems.

There are special deals available for existing owners of the Nokia Ozo.

We are also offering 2 day hire options with the hire cost refundable against a purchase.

The Focal Point VR Stream Processor is a high quality optimised live 360 stitching solution designed to work with broadcast quality VR camera rigs. The FP-6 is a customised rack mount PC pre-installed with Focal Point VR’s real time Ubiety  software platform.

The Ubiety software platform supports everything from delivering an HD 360° stream to YouTube through to multi viewpoint 360° and stereo VR ultra high resolution (up to 8K) event coverage delivered to customisable VR app and html5 players. A 2 year Ubiety licence, with 12 months full support, is included with every purchase of the FP-A6.

Ubiety is comprised of two main components; the Ubiety Stream Processor, which connects to the VR cameras and processes the video into a VR stream; and the Ubiety VR Player which runs on the viewer’s VR device.  Ubiety can be configured to stream over a client CDN, or can be setup with a managed CDN providing a provide a complete turnkey camera to headset solution.

Max live stitched resolution

360 monoscopic – 6K @30fps*

180 stereoscopic – 4K @30fps*

* – 24,25,29.97 & 30 fps also available

Video Interface

SDK 4K DCI 4096×2160

SDI 4K UHD 3840×2160

HDMI 4K UHD 3840×2160


RTMP up to 4K x 4K, RTSP up to 6K, NDI over internet


NDI 6K, 4K


H.265 6K, H.264 4K x 2K

Video Output Projections

Equirectangular, Cube Map, Mono

DomeMaster, Stereo TB, Stereo LR, FPVR optimised

With FPVR Optimisation reduced bandwidth use >50% on 4K streams

With FPVR Optimisation stream 6K+ over 4K infrastructure

HMD Live Preview

Ultra low latency live preview

Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows MR headsets supported

HMD screen mirror

Stitching Features

Kolor / PTGui project file import

Stitch lines editing using Focal Point VR StitchPaint Technology

Laplacian / Mask Blur blending

Stream processing features

3D LUT per input

10-bit throughout the pipeline

Source audio monitoring

Watermark / logo customization

OSC / Midi control

360⁰ Interstitials

Audio Input

16 channels via SDI, onboard sound, HQ balanced audio

Audio Output

Mono, stereo, Multitrack and Ambisonic (option)


Intel Core i7  (7800X 3.50GHz (28 lane)


16GB (4x 4GB) 2400MHz Quad Channel DDR4 Memory




NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti – 11GB GDDR5X Graphics Card – (3584x Cores)


Gigabit LAN Controller

Input SDI Card (Standard)

DeckLink Mini Recorder

(4K x 2)

In/Output SDI Card

DeckLink SDI


Power Requirements

240 Volts

500 Watts

Dimensions (including shock resistant case)