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The F3-6K Camera System is a true studio grade VR video acquisition and broadcast system featuring real-time stitch, preview, record and broadcast.

Broadcast Connections

4K SDI in and out HMD monitoring

Better than Broadcast

Incredible quality broadcast grade Ultra HD sensors

Remote Control

Full camera control, colour grade and stitch refinement

Bulletproof operation

Robust industry leading stability and reliability

Works with your kit

Disk Recorders, Wireless Transmitters, Bi-Directional Optical Fibre, external microphones, batteries and even motorized camera rail systems.

There are special deals available for existing owners of Black Magic Micro Studio 4K cameras and the Nokia Ozo.

We are also offering 2 day hire options with the hire cost refundable against a purchase.

  • Full spherical professional live 360 video rig
  • High quality Fuji lens configuration is best fit for all scenarios, with other lens options (iZugar, Sigma, Entaniya) The best quality 360 rig on the market (10 Bit colour, bright Lens, Bullet proof reliability and build quality)
  • Fully genlocked for perfect frame synchronization up to 60fps
  • Up to full 6k stitched output
  • High overlap working with StitchPaint technology provides powerful high quality stitch control
  • Full 360⁰ – no zenith or nadir hole
  • Camera remote control via S.Bus or full creative control, including live color correction, using Blackmagic ATEM controllers.
  • The most riggable 360 camera system in the world with unparalleled mounting options
  • Works seamlessly with professional broadcast and live streaming equipment.
  • Modular rig design (rotate each camera by 90/180/270 degrees for preferred overlap and cable position
  • Power/Comms/Sync (POCS Box) junction box simply connects all the non A/V cables to the rig.
  • Power from a single mains plug or power the system off a single battery pack – Anton Bauer, Switronix etc

The detailed specification for the F3-6K is:

Number of cameras

3 Blackmagic Designs Micro Studio 4K cameras


Full 360

Max stitched output resolution


Camera (individual)

Blackmagic Designs Micro Studio 4K cameras


Ultra HD live studio camera

Operating Temperature

0° to 40° C (32° to 104° F)

Sensor type / size

13.056mm x 7.344mm

Max resolution (single camera)


Max framerate

60fps (30fps @UHD)

Dynamic range

11 stops

Lens mount

Active Micro Four Thirds


Remote control via SDI with ATEM Switcher

Remote controlled via S.Bus

Built in color corrector

Genlock input

SDI Video In/Output

6G-SDI 10-bit 4:2:2

SDI Compliance

SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 424M, Draft SMPTE 2081-1

Lens (default option)

Fuji FE185C086HA-1







Stitched output resolution

Approx 6K

Other lens options:

High quality Fuji lens configuration is best fit for all scenarios, other lens options available (iZugar, Sigma, Entaniya)

Rig Power/sync/communication

3 x DB-HD15 serial connector

Rig Video in/out

DIN 1.0/2.3 connector – 3 in, 3 out

Rig Dimensions

200x140x90mm (with Fuji lenses)

Rig Weight

1.6kg (with Fuji lenses)


240v, 3amp (regulated 12v power supply adapter)

Sync Output

3x Tri-Sync/BB switchable sync generator

S.Bus Camera Control

Remote multi camera control option

Case Dimensions

Peli 1510 Waterproof Wheeled Case


Case Weight

Peli 1510 Waterproof Wheeled Case