Our Approach

We believe that VR video will be the next platform for experiencing live events. VR will allow millions of paying fans to remotely sit in the best seats at events that they are passionate about but can't attend.

To establish that feeling of presence, a VR video stream has to be high resolution and rendered in true stereo. Unoptimised 12k VR video generates over 20 times the amount data of a standard HD video. There is no commercial solution to mass streaming of true stereo VR video today but Focal Point VR is dedicated to providing the technology to solve these problems.

Ultimately, we believe, video standards will evolve to incorporate depth information. Focal Point VR intend to be leading players in that evolution.

Like all new media, VR video won't replace existing video content. But the ability to give the viewer direct control of the scene creates both presence and authenticity. For some uses, particularly live, we believe VR video offers a wholly new medium, opening new markets to new viewers for content consumed in a new way.


Our Story

Focal Point VR is led by video games industry professionals who have been creating entertainment software for over 20 years. When we started looking at the latest VR technology it became clear to us that, not only is VR here to stay, it offers a unique experience.

Whilst many of our friends and colleagues will be focusing on CGI entertainment, we quickly concluded that the VR revolution would have a huge impact on video streaming. VR video is inherently more mass market than VR games, especially as we expect the default device for viewing to be a mobile phone.

We see the VR video revolution allowing millions of ordinary people to be 'present' at events they could otherwise only dream about. In sport, music, art, education & culture, live attendance is now a valuable and scarce asset for so many events. We have a solution that offers something for both event owners and, crucially, for everyone else.